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Federal District of Brazil to Ban Toy Guns in Attempt to Reduce Violent Crime

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The federal district of Brazil will ban all toy and replica guns by 2014 in an effort to reduce violent crime.

Brazil is victim to high homicide rates, with many of its inhabitants experiencing some kind of armed assault.

Stores found selling toy guns will face fines up to $45,000. Some stores may be closed up to 30 days or even lose their trading licenses.

Valéria de Velasco, minister for the protection of victims of violence in the state government, said that while toy guns don’t kill they do symbolize an attitude toward gun violence. The law is an attempt to create a non-violent cultural perspective for children.

Many Brazilian parents are excited to see the law enacted, including domestic maid and mother of three Neide do Nascimento.

"I think it's marvelous," she said. “We lost a lot of time. We lost a lot of lives."

Nascimento’s 17-year-old daughter Pollyane Araujo was riding a bus in 2008 when two armed men robbed it. The men used her as a shield when they attempted to get into their runaway vehicle.

Nascimento said the law should include a ban of violent video games, noting that there is already enough violence in every day life.

Sources: The Guardian, Open Equal Free


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