Brawl Over Gender-Neutral Bathroom At School (Video)


Protesters outside the Santee Education Complex in Los Angeles shouted anti-gay slurs in opposition to the high school's new gender-neutral bathroom on April 19. But the protest soon turned into a brawl and was recorded on a cellphone (video below).

"One of the students just tackled the guy that was going against the gays and a whole load of students just jumped in," Jose Robles, a 14-year-old student, told KNBC.

In the video, the protesters hold a sign that reads: "Homo sex is a sin," and yelled, "You're gonna burn in hell, Santee!" from across the street.

The protesters were angry about the gender-neutral bathroom that was installed on April 15, the first of its kind in California.

"The bathroom's there for a reason, so they just wanted to come make a conflict," Jose added.

Students with the Santee High School Gay-Straight Alliance are the advocacy force behind the gender-neutral facility.

"This is our pride, we're not going to sit in the corner and not saying anything," student Monique Garcia stated.

One student was reportedly detained by police after the fight.

Protesters are planning to return to the school in larger numbers, so the school is going to have extra police patrols.

One of the main assertions made by opponents of gender-neutral bathrooms across the country is that the facilities somehow attract sexual predators.

Mic noted earlier in April that there were no actual cases of this happening, according to representatives from the Transgender Law Center, the Human Rights Campaign and the American Civil Liberties Union.

Vincent Villano, of the National Center for Transgender Equality, told Mic that his organization has "not heard of a single instance of a transgender person harassing a non-transgender person in a public restroom. Those who claim otherwise have no evidence that this is true and use this notion to prey on the public's stereotypes and fears about transgender people."

Raw Video: Contains Graphic language and violence

Sources: KNBC, Mic / Photo credit: Christina Gizzelle/Facebook

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