Massive Brawl Breaks Out At Wedding Reception (Video)


A massive brawl broke out at a wedding in Canada after the bride's ex-boyfriend allegedly put something shocking on all of the tables in the reception (video below).

Video surfaced online after a feud between families turned violent during a wedding reception in Toronto, the Daily Mail reports.

Footage shows guests throwing punches and tossing chairs over tables after the fight broke out.

According to one Twitter user who was reportedly a guest at the wedding, the fight started after the bride's ex-boyfriend put photos of the bride performing a sex act on every table. Other sources claim the fight started over a long-running feud between families.

The Twitter user shared a screenshot of a text conversation explaining what happened.

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In the text messages, the user says that the brother of the bride believes that the man in the photos may have been one of the groomsmen.

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After being shared on Twitter Dec. 22, videos of the brawl quickly went viral. The Twitter user later said that the wedding took place in Toronto, in the convention center, and that the fight broke out after a long-running feud turned violent.

"You know what though... she can move past this," the user wrote in a tweet. "We, as people, are fickle and we forget things quickly. She'll live her life just fine."

According the New York Daily News, another fight began after lewd photos of the bride performing sex acts were shared.

It is not clear if anybody was seriously injured in the brawl, or if the bride and groom were involved.

See footage of the brawl here:

Sources: Daily MailNew York Daily News / Photo credit: Twitter via New York Daily News

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