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Brave Cat Saves 97-Year-Old Woman from Pit Bulls

Sophie Thomas owes her life to her calico cat, Tiger, who lived up to her name on August 27 and took on a pack of four pit bulls to save her beloved owner.  (VIDEO HERE FROM LINK BELOW)

According to, 97-year-old Sophie of Harrison, MI, was calmly weeding dandelions out of her garden  on a warm summer day  when a neighbor’s four pit bulls got loose and surrounded her.  One lunged at her and bit her slightly, so she hit it on the head.  

The dog backed up briefly but the pack began to menacingly circle Sophie and another dog lunged at her. 

Sophie said she had never been so scared in her life, but Tiger either felt no fear or underestimated the odds when she jumped in front of Sophie, hissed, growled and then ran toward the garage with the dogs in pursuit. 

Sophie escaped into the house to wash her wounds.  She feared for the fate of the brave little cat.  But within a short time, Tiger showed up at the door, unharmed.  Sophie will never forget her harrowing experience, but she says, "I'll always thank God that my cat came because she was the one that really helped me out."

According to reports, the dogs will be quarantined for ten days and the owner will be fined.


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