Brave 5-Year-Old Girl Saves Great-Grandma From Drowning (Video)

A 5-year-old Texas girl didn’t hesitate when she saw her great-grandmother drowning in the deep end of a Rockport swimming pool.

Carleigh McGee, who learned to swim when she was 3, was alone in the pool with her great-grandmother when the 78-year-old went under.

"She was drowning. She was trying to swim because she can't swim," Carleigh told WFAA. "And she was trying to get the edge and she was struggling and she couldn't and I helped her.

"I grabbed her hand and got her to the edge," she explained.

When her great-grandmother was safe, she went for help.

"I went and knocked on the door to wake up my papa and told him what happened,” she said.

“She’s my guardian angel,” said her great-grandmother, who was not identified.

She said the 5-year-old is her hero. Carleigh says her hero is Batman.


Image screenshot: WFAA, KENS 5


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