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Brave 12-Year-Old Boy Stabbed While Protecting His Mother From Armed Robbers

A 12-year-old boy was reportedly stabbed in Detroit while protecting his mother from three armed robbers.

The incident occurred on March 17. Barbara Turner was just getting home with her son Deontae and the boy’s cousin. When they got out of the family car, they were approached by three masked men who demanded money from them, FOX 2 reports.

Barbara told the three men she didn’t have any money and that’s when one of the suspects pulled out a knife.

In an effort to protect his mother, the brave young boy stepped in between the suspect and his mother and was stabbed in the right bicep with the knife, the Detroit Police Department said.

Deontae recalled the horrifying moment to FOX 2: “We pulled up in the driveway and they jumped out from behind the abandoned house,” he said. “They demanded money and she said she’s not giving them anything and he said ‘do you think I’m playing?’ Then he pulled out a knife and I said, 'You’re not gonna stab my mama.' So then I jumped in he started flinging it.”

Barbara drove her son to the hospital where he received a few stitches. She was relieved the stabbing was only a minor flesh wound.

The three suspects fled the scene. Police are currently investigating the matter but do not have any leads.

Source: FOX 2

Photo Credit: Screenshot from FOX 2


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