Branden Chailler, 19, Sentenced To 26 Months In Jail For Killing Mother's Dog


A Canadian teen thought he could impress a girl by brutally murdering his mother’s dog. He thought wrong, and was subsequently sentenced to 26 months in jail.

According to The Edmonton Journal:

Branden Chailler, 19, went on a vandalism spree in the early hours of Dec. 4, 2012 after brutally killing his family’s Shih Tzu-pug cross. Chailler pleaded guilty in February to unlawfully killing the dog, four property-damage charges and a breach of a previous prohibition of consuming alcohol.

On Monday, Judge Allan Lefever agreed with the Crown and split the crimes into “two discrete sets of offences,” sentencing Chailler to 16 months for killing the dog and 10 months for the other charges. Defence lawyer Laurie Wood had argued for a single one-year sentence for the entire spree, followed by three years probation.

According to a court document, Chailler slit the dog’s throat and then mutilated it in a bedroom of his mother’s home. He then smeared blood all over the home and used a hammer to damage walls, a television and several tables.

He then “smashed a window at an RV yard, broke into the nearby Winterburn Elementary School and destroyed several mirrors and windows, vandalized two trucks parked outside a residence and broke into a detached garage." He was caught around 3:45 a.m., running into traffic near Anthony Henday Drive and Yellowhead Trail, according to The Journal.

Outside the court, Crown prosecutor Christian Lim said the sentence illustrates a growing acceptance that cases like these aren’t inherently problematic, not just for potential harm to humans.

“Abusing animals is a very serious offence and needs deterrence and denunciation,” Lim said. “It’s not a little thing to hurt an animal or to take out your anger on an animal. It is an offence, they are real creatures that have feelings.”

Sources: The Edmonton Journal, The Huffington Post


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