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Bragram Boeing 747 Plane Crash May Be Due to Cargo Shift

The crash of a Boeing 747-400 cargo plane in Afghanistan on April 29 may have been caused by the breakage of straps used to tie down 16-ton MRAP fighting vehicles.

Investigators found while sifting through the wreckage that the nylon straps, capable of holding down 25 tons individually, were broken. This would have caused the plane to malfunction and the pilots would have lost control.

The last words the pilots radioed had to do with "weight."

Seven Americans were killed in the flight, all civilian employees of National Air Cargo. 

It is not known how many fighting vehicles the plane was carrying, but the maximum load is five.

District governor for Bagram, Abdul Shukor, said the plane reached an altitude of 1,312 feet before it started "falling out of the sky."

The official cause is under investigation, but it is believed that the plane's cargo caused it.

Bad weather may also be a cause, as it was considerably cloudy that day.

Sources: Daily Mail, CNN


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