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Brady Campaign's Starbucks Agenda Just Anti-Gun Publicity Stunt

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As we reported last week, the Brady Campaign’s latest desperate attempt at relevancy involves a publicity stunt attacking Starbucks for allowing the lawful carry of firearms in its stores as provided for by state law.

“It’s everyone’s right to sit in a restaurant or coffee shop with their families without intimidation or fear of guns,” the group said in its modern rendition of FDR’s famous “freedom from fear” quote.

As we pointed out, the Brady Campaign has been quick to fabricate a “right” to feel free from fear, while angrily scoffing at the right to self-protection, by encouraging its minions to sign a petition demanding that Starbucks establish a gun policy more restrictive than state law.“I demand that Starbucks stand up for the safety of its customers and prohibit guns in your [sic] retail establishments,” the petition reads.

Now the group is trying to gain political momentum for its stunt by claiming it has 25,000 names on its petition.

Despite occasional rhetoric to the contrary, the Brady Campaign has always wanted nothing less than a total ban on guns.They’ve lost much of their political relevance over the years, and now are desperate to regain some by any means possible.Today it’s a petition attacking Starbucks.Tomorrow it’s every public place.Next week it’s your home, and next month it’s no guns anywhere.And we’re back to the anti-gunners’ very flawed square one:disarm the law-abiding, while leaving the thugs, gang-bangers, and drug dealers armed. That’s their plan for a “safer” world where we don’t have “fear or intimidation.”

But back in the real world, what about YOUR Constitutionally-guaranteed right to safety and self-defense?

A call to Starbucks confirmed what was pretty obvious on its face.The company is in the business to sell coffee, not jump in the middle of a Brady-generated squabble that state law has already resolved in favor of the right to carry firearms.

Members, gun owners, and all freedom-loving citizens should contact Starbucks to thank them for complying with state law, and respectfully encourage the company to stay above the fray into which anti-gun activists are trying to drag them.Click here to do so.

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