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Brady Campaign - Stronger Gun Laws Could Have Saved McNair

Washington, D.C. - Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun
Violence, issued the following statement on developments in the investigation
into the homicide of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair:

“Steve McNair’s
extraordinary talents helped him avoid defensive linemen for 13 seasons in the
NFL but, like far too many Americans, he fell victim to our weak gun laws. The
woman who shot and killed Steve McNair purchased her handgun from a private
seller who was exempt from Brady Law background checks. Because she was not yet
21 years of age, she was a prohibited handgun buyer and would have failed a
Brady check. In addition, a mandatory federal waiting period for handgun sales
may well have prevented this tragedy, since the shooting occurred only two days
after she bought the gun. A waiting period and background check may have saved
Steve McNair’s life.”


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