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Brady Campaign Mourns Death of Gun Control Leader Ted Kennedy

After the passing of Senator Edward Kennedy, one of the nation's staunchest anti-gun violence champions, the Brady Campaign had this to say.

“Senator Edward Kennedy was a great friend of the Brady Campaign and of all the activists and victims who have struggled for the last thirty years to bring common sense to our gun laws. He never faltered in his steadfast support. He stood up to the powerful special interests who have blocked progress on gun violence and never backed down. Our love and profound sympathy go out to his wife, Victoria, a former board member of the Brady Center, and to his entire family.”

- Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign

“This morning, Jim and I sat out on our porch and talked about the profound impact on our world made by a single man. One of the proudest honors of our lives was to have had Senator Kennedy as a friend.

“Without Senator Kennedy, there would not be a Brady Law. Through our long fight, he was always there, always ready to do anything we asked of him, never seeking the spotlight, just driven to help accomplish what was right. He was politically wise, remarkably fascinating company, a great storyteller. He and Jim had a special kinship because of their shared Irish heritage, but he was deeply kind and selfless to both of us.

“We are all less wealthy without Ted Kennedy. We have lost a great champion of reason and righteousness and courage.”

- Sarah and Jim Brady, Founders of the Brady Campaign


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