Brady Campaign Endorses Gov. Pat Quinn in Illinois


WASHINGTON --- The national Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, represented by its President, Paul Helmke, today joined with Illinois Governor Pat Quinn in Chicago’s Ogden Park to endorse Governor Quinn for election to a full term as Illinois Governor and to urge Illinois voters who want to fight gun violence to support Quinn. 

“In less than two years on the job, Governor Quinn has already taken strong stances on preventing gun violence in Illinois and he supports legislation to make it harder for dangerous people to get dangerous weapons,” said Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign.  “We want the people of Illinois to know that there is a clear choice in this election - a choice between a Governor who wants to fight the gun violence problems that have caused so much suffering in the state and a challenger who has voted consistently with the gun lobby.”

Gov. Quinn recently formed the Illinois Anti-Violence Commission to bring a grassroots, community-based approach to confronting the deadly violence facing many Illinois communities.  He has also signed into law two measures to enhance public safety: one to protect railroad shipments of firearms and other weapons that may be targeted by gangs, and the other requiring a mandatory one- to three-year prison sentence for aggravated unlawful use of a weapon without an Illinois firearm registration card.

Gov. Quinn’s opponent, State Sen. Bill Brady, in contrast, has sided with the gun lobby by voting against banning large capacity ammunition magazines and supporting bills to make it easier to carry loaded, concealed handguns in public. 

“Governor Quinn and State Senator Brady bring very different agendas to the issue of gun violence prevention,” Helmke said.  “Voters in Chicago and throughout Illinois should know that Sen. Brady voted to allow access to high capacity ammunition magazines that can hold 30, 50 and even 75 bullets.  These magazines are used in military-style assault weapons to kill a lot people in a short amount of time.” In 2008, Sen.

Brady received an A rating from the NRA as well as their endorsement.

“On common sense gun laws, Governor Quinn truly represents the vast majority of Illinois citizens,” Helmke said, “and he will be a strong voice for reducing gun violence in the years to come if he is returned to the Governor’s office.”


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