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Bra-Maker Wacoal Reveals Bra Vending Machine in Tokyo

A bra vending machine in the youthful shopping district of Shibuya, Japan, was revealed recently, where consumers can purchase any undergarment in a clear plastic bag for $30 at the push of a button.

The machine is another publicity campaign conducted by playful bra-maker Wacoal. The company recently aired a commercial in Thailand to promote its push-up bra, which it joked was capable of turning a flat-chested young man into a well-endowed woman.

The vending machine will remain in the Una NaNa Cool shop until Sept. 1, where the staff is carefully watching it. The machine will then move on to Wacoal’s Futako-Tamagawa branch in Setagaya, Tokyo.

Wacoal hopes that the machine will eventually be moved to an unstaffed location where shoppers can purchase bras in private.

Though the machine features a sizing chart, some have questioned whether comfort and fit should be sacrificed for efficiency and privacy.

“You just have to carry around a bra in a clear bag like it’s no big deal,” MSN quipped.

Others noted that bras should tried on before being purchased, especially for women who need more support, and that the vending machine is unlikely to become popular.

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