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Tutor Accused Of Throwing 7-Year-Old Against Wall

A tutor at a Baltimore elementary school has been charged with child abuse and assault after he was allegedly seen on video throwing a 7-year-old student against a wall.

Timothy Korr, 25, faces up to 85 years in jail if found guilty, WBAL reported.

The incident occurred Nov. 28, when Korr was accompanying Travon Grayson to the school office due to disciplinary reasons.

Travon’s parents were called to the school and arrived to find him sitting in an ambulance, crying.

“My son told me that [Korr] threw my son into a wall,” Lateekqua Jackson told WBAL. “My son had dreams about it all last night. He’s still shaking in his sleep, saying that he keeps having visions of [Korr] throwing him into a wall.”

Jackson said Korr was next to the ambulance when she arrived.

“The teacher told me that he put him over his shoulder, and when he put him down he was bleeding,” Jackson said. “That's it. How can you tell somebody like that? He said he made a mistake. He said, 'I made a mistake. It was a mistake.' That's what he said.”

Police say they quickly found surveillance video that revealed what happened.

“The video does show him carrying the child and slamming him up against the wall, and it's very difficult to watch. We cringed a number of times as we watched the video,” said T.J. Smith of the Baltimore Police.

Smith emphasized that it was “never appropriate” to treat a child in that way.

“Slammed so hard his body went limp,” Smith told The Baltimore Sun. “To watch a child be basically manhandled like a sack of potatoes is incomprehensible.”

The school district released a statement promising to comply with police investigations. Korr was not a employee of the school, but worked for Baltimore Curriculum Project, a charter operator.

Travon’s parents have been shaken by the incident.

“He goes to school and you think he was safe,” said Travon Grayson Sr., the boy’s father. “It's just really pretty bad.”

The Baltimore Curriculum Project confirmed Korr has been fired and expressed its regret over Travon’s injuries.

Sources: WBAL, The Baltimore Sun / Photo credit: WBAL

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