Boys Rescued From Icy Iowa River Clung To Each Other For Dear Life (Video)

Two brothers in Iowa clung to each other for dear life as an ice sheet they were standing on started to crack and float towards a hydroelectric dam.

Corbin Crawford, 12, and Dylan Crawford, 7, were rescued from the ice sheet Thursday afternoon.

The two were retrieving Dylan’s shoe from the frozen Des Moines River, when the thin ice underneath them broke and shifted.

Witnesses called 911 as the two boys held each other tight.

The boys floated several blocks, towards the open gates of a hydroelectric dam, before help arrived.

Firefighters used a rope and life jackets to secure the boys before sending out an aluminum boat to retrieve them.

“I was really scared to the bones,” Dylan later told KCCI. “I’m really thankful and graceful [sic] for the firefighters.”

Sources: New York Daily News, KCCI


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