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Boy Hangs Himself Trying To Mimic Online Prank (Video)

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A Georgia mother is grieving after her son hung himself while trying to mimic a prank he saw online (video below).  

WSB reports that Cantenecia Stokes of Atlanta, Georgia, was horrified to find her 11-year-old son hanging from a rope in his bedroom closet.  Apparently, the boy, Andreis Bass, saw a YouTube video about a prank where one pretends to hang oneself, and tried to mimic the video.  

"I lost my baby because of something he didn't know really completely about," Stokes said. 

Bass' three younger siblings told their mother they had watched him hang himself in an attempt at enacting the prank seen online.  

Stokes claims that once she was told he wasn't breathing she ran in and cut him down, then called 911.  

“He panicked and he was trying to take himself out and he didn’t know if you pull you're only worsening, it's tightening,” Stokes said.

She says that Bass was fond of drawing, listening to music, and basketball.  He was pronounced dead at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta in Egleston. 

Below is just one of many videos of the prank that can be found on YouTube.  

Sources: WSB, Riceman/YouTube / Photo credit: The Indian Express

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