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Boys Dress as Women on School's Celebrity Day, Sent Home (Video)

Two boys recently dressed as Miss America and Nikki Minjah on a dress-like-a-celebrity day during "Spirit Week" at White Pass Junior and Senior High School in Randle, Wash.

However, Mason Mudge and Chandler Krueger were told by Principal Gary Stamper to either change their clothes or go home, noted The teens went home.

"If they really wanted Spirit Week, why punish somebody for being spirited?" Krueger told King 5 (video below).

In response, several teen girls and boys dressed like the opposite sex at school on Thursday.

"I think it's really awesome that all the kids support me and support the decisions that I made," said Mudge.

None of the students were sent home by the school, which appeared to backpedal.

"If it happens again, we'll handle it differently," said Columbia School District Superintendent Chuck Wyborney.

"I feel like I did teach people a lesson," added Mudge.

Sources:, King 5


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