Boy's Buzz Lightyear Toy Confiscated By TSA After Trip To Disney World (Photo)

Most children bring home a souvenir to remember their trip to Disney World, but 5-year-old Levi Zilka of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, wasn’t so lucky.

Transport Security Administration agents at Florida's Fort Lauderdale International Airport confiscated the Buzz Lightyear Flip Grip toy, which features a plastic claw, because regulations require that firearm replicas be in checked luggage, WWMT reported.

Levi’s uncle bought him the toy, and he was reportedly distraught when it was taken from him.

"Once he realized what was happening, that they weren't giving his toy back, he immediately starts [bawling], just tears streaming down his face, crying,” said father David Zilka.

When asked why he was so upset, Levi replied “because they threw it in the trash.”

David feels his son wasn’t treated fairly. “We understand that things are scary out there right now but taking a toy from a 5-year-old doesn’t enhance national security. It was all I could do not to break down with him in that moment,” he told CBS 21 News.

David has filed a complaint against the TSA and is trying to get a new toy for his son.

Sources: WWMT, CBS 21 News / Photo credit: Screenshot via WWMT

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