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Boyfriend Tries To Beat Girlfriend Inside Store, Learns A Valuable Lesson (Video)

A man who was beating his girlfriend at a convenience store in California was brought down by bystanders and restrained him until law enforcement arrived.

According to TheBlaze, the fight, which was all caught on video, broke out Wednesday morning outside the Flower Street Market in Bakersfield, Calif., when 21-year-old Aidan Jose Cruz began arguing with his girlfriend. The argument was made worse when the man started assaulting his girlfriend, forcing her to run for help at a nearby store.

The unidentified domestic violence victim was followed by the man, and continued to beat her.

That's when fellow customers moved in.

“This happened in my store this morning,” the video’s description reads. He “beats his girlfriend outside of the store and she runs in asking for help.”

Deputies arrived as soon as the store clerk called police.

“Deputies were dispatched to the market regarding an assault in progress,” Ray Pruittr, Kern County Sheriff’s spokesman, told TheBlaze Friday. “The suspect at one point had his hands around her neck and started choking her and then began striking her in the head.”

“When deputies arrived, the suspect was being held down on the ground by several customers inside the store,” he said. “Deputies were able to handcuff him and take him into custody without incident.”

The victim did not suffer from any serious injuries, Pruittr said.

Cruz was taken into custody for spousal battery and was due in superior court Friday afternoon. His bail was set at $50,000.


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