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Boyfriend Orders Pit Bull to Attack, Girlfriend Bitten 20 Times

A 42-year-old Monroe County woman told police her 48-year-old boyfriend ordered his Pit Bull to attack her and she was bitten 20 to 25 times during a violent domestic dispute on Wednesday night, October 10.

Sheriff’s Deputies say the alleged incident happened at the Elizabeth Woods Mobile Home Park on Telegraph in Newport. Newport is a township in the Metro-Detroit region.

The argument was reportedly over which of them owned a vehicle and the woman stated that they began physically fighting and the man choked her until she almost passed out, according to theMonroe Evening News.She then alleges that he ordered the dog to attack and the Pit Bull bit her repeatedly on her legs, feet and hands, in an assault that lasted more than 30 minutes...

The unidentified woman was transported to Mercy Memorial Hospital for treatment of her injuries.

Deputies tried to speak to the boyfriend, but he fled the area. An officer who went to the man’s home said he knocked on the door and could hear the dog barking and scratching.

Felony assault charges are being sought against the boyfriend and deputies are continuing their investigation of the incident.

DetroitCBSLocal reports that several Pit Bull attacks have occurred recently.

A 3-week-old baby girl was killed by a Pit Bull in west Detroit on Thursday, October 4. Her 24-year-old mother said she had just fed the infant and placed her in a car seat on the dining room floor at a friend’s home. (Read more:

Authorities say they killed a pit bullthat attacked a 6-year-old boy who was bitten while riding a bike in Stockbridge Township.Ingham County Sheriff's officials were called to a Lansing-area home about 9:30 a.m. on September 29, after the boy was bitten in the leg. The boy was treated for a puncture wound and cut on his lower leg.

Deputies went to the home and attempted to make contact with the homeowner, but no one was home. TheLansing State Journalreported that the dog was running freely in the yard and acting aggressively.Deputies fatally shot the dog because it "was a danger to the public."

In late August,a Henry Ford Hospital employee was attacked by two pit bullsas she was walking through the hospital’s staff parking lot. Witnesses at the scene told police either security guards or police officers shot and killed the dogs to get them off of the woman, who survived the attack with multiple bite wounds.



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