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Boyfriend Knocks Out Girlfriend's Attacker With One Punch (Video)

An attack at an AMPM store in Pasadena, California, which resulted in a woman being stabbed with a pocket knife and the alleged assailant knocked out cold on the ground, was caught on cell phone video.

In the video (below), a man kicks the door of a couple's vehicle and they get out of the car to confront him. That is when things turn violent.

The man takes out his pocket knife and stabs the woman.

Her boyfriend then delivers one punch to the alleged stabber, who he falls to the ground.

Good Day LA claims that the victim of the punch was knocked out for a few minutes before regaining consciousness.

He was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

Praise for the boyfriend’s skillful punch has filled the Internet, with many pointing out how composed he remained during the fight and the fact that he did not jump on the attacker after the initial punch.

Sources: My FOX LA, Inquisitr / Photo Source: Inquisitr

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