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Man Allegedly Burns Girlfriend's Corpse

Man Allegedly Burns Girlfriend's Corpse  Promo Image

A Russian man allegedly dug up his girlfriend's grave and set her corpse on fire because he says she was haunting him.

Police arrested Yuriy Golvin, 30, after he reportedly dug up Olga Gileva, 17, from her grave and tried to burn her remains, reports the Daily Mail.

Oleg Ivanov, a friend of Gileva's who was visiting the cemetery, spotted Golvin near the grave. Later, he saw social photos of Golvin inside Gileva's grave.

Golvin says Gileva, who died five years ago, had been haunting him in his dreams. Following the advice of a sorceress, he destroyed her grave and set her coffin ablaze.

An unidentified 23-year-old man was also arrested in connection with the crime, which could result in five-year prison sentences.

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Gileva was an orphan who took her own life in 2012.

"She was taken in by a foster family, but then they returned her to the orphanage and she could not cope with this," a friend recalled.

News of the crime attracted a range of reactions on social media.

Some were outraged by Golvin's actions.

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"Hopefully she's haunting him more intensely now," wrote one Daily Mail reader.

"Outrageous!" added another on the Daily Mail's Facebook page. "Stick him in a wooden box and burn it!"

Others were more sympathetic.

"This is sad," wrote one person. "Clearly the guy loved her so much he lost his mind when she died. Get him some help. There's no need to make him a circus side show through the media."

"Wow!" commented another. "Life can be unbearable sometimes but time will heal broken hearts. Just hold on and have faith in God."

The International Business Times reported on grave-digging for a different reason.

In Tanzania, illegal grave-digging has been a problem for years.

Albinos in the African country, who face intense discrimination and are referred to as "ghost people," are often the targets. It is believed their bodies are imbued with magical powers, which means their body part can be sold for up to $75,000.

As a result, some try to rob their graves. Sister Sisala Simwali, who died of malaria in 2008, almost had her body desecrated.

"The criminals had dug deep down and were about to reach the coffin when they were seen," said William Simwali, the brother of the victim. "Fortunately, the sister's remains were untouched because the coffin was buried more than 7 feet deep and was covered with reinforced materials."

"After waiting for a while the villagers decided to ambush the crooks," he added. "Four managed to escape, but two were surrounded."

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