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Boyfriend Beats Up Guy Taking Creepy Cell Phone Pic Up Woman's Dress

When a man saw a creep snapping under-the-skirt photos of his girlfriend in a store, he put an end to the Peeping Tom’s bad behavior.

James Robert Findley, 36, was caught slipping his cell phone underneath a woman’s dress at a Five Below store in Newnan, Ga. The woman was shopping with a young girl and her boyfriend. Once the boyfriend saw what Findley was doing, he put a stop to it, hitting Findley in the head and kicking him twice.

“Human behavior never ceases to amaze me," Coweta County Sheriff Mike Yeager told 11Alive News of Findley's actions.

"He went to the rescue of his girlfriend...and he did the right thing," the sheriff added of the victim's boyfriend. 

Customers at the store agreed.

"I think it's good; they need to send him away," said DeLois Bilbrey.

"I probably would have beat him a little more before the police got there," added one Andrew Caldwell.

Findley, who is now in jail on a felony count of eavesdropping and illegal surveillance, acknowledged that what he'd acted indecently. 

"He admitted to our officer, he said...he was doing something stupid," Yeager added.

Findley’s charge carries a penalty of one to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Yeager said he could be charged additionally due to the presence of children during the crime—Findley also had a child with him. They sheriff’s department is seeking a warrant to search his phone for photos of other victims.

Sources: 11Alive News


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