Boyfriend, Another Man Charged in Fatal Pit Bull Mauling of Pregnant Emma Bennett


Two men have been charged with the death of a pregnant woman who was killed in an attack by two American Pit Bull Terriers owned by her boyfriend, Lee Horner, 33.  

Emma Bennett, 27, was viciously mauled at her home on Dawlish Avenue, East End Park, on December 9, 2013, and suffered severe injuries to her face and head.

Emma was pregnant with her fifth child. She died in the hospital after the savage attack but was kept on a life-support system until the next day at the request of her family, so that they could gather at the hospital. Her brother, sister, mother, grandparents and her four children were at her bedside when she was declared legally dead.

Nikki Cook, 29, of Normanton Place, Beeston; and Lee Horner, 33, of Helston Green, Middleton—believed to be Emma’s boyfriend and the father of her unborn child—have both been charged with two counts of possessing a dangerous dog.  Mr. Cook also faces a charge of breeding a dangerous dog.

Both men have been released on bail and will appear at Leeds Magistrates' Court on 4 February.

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Source: Mirror


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