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Adopted Boy Returned Twice Gets A Miracle (Photos)

After one Florida boy was adopted twice only to be returned each time, his social worker did the unthinkable: She dropped his case -- and adopted him herself.

“All I could think about was how he was feeling and how he was blaming himself, again,” Taylor Diaz's social worker, and now mother, Connie Going said, CBS reports.

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For ten years Going watched various families label Taylor a bad child, returning him to foster care because of his temper.

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The boy was struggling after his biological drug-addicted parents neglected him.

“It was always somewhat my fault, but I didn’t realize that, you know, when I was growing up,” Taylor, now a teenager, said.

“I was just so mad because I thought that they weren’t going to keep me,” he added, speaking of his former foster parents. “I was just trying to test them.”

"When you feel like you're not loveable, and somebody's loving you, that's a pretty scary thing," chimes in a sympathetic Going.

Yet she refused to give up on Taylor.

“Every child is adoptable,” she said. “There’s a family for every child.”

Growing physically ill seeing Taylor return the second time, Going had had enough.

Since moving in with Going and her two biological daughters, Taylor continues to struggle with anger issues, the Daily Mail reports.

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“He’d go, ‘I’m leaving. I hate this,’” Going said. “And I’d be like, ‘I’m not sending you away, Taylor.’ And he would look over at me, take his backpack off and head back in.”

It's precisely because Going refuses to give up on him, though, that Taylor is finally finding happiness.

“This is where I belong,” Taylor said. “She knows my worst side, and she still cares about me and still loves me.”

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Since then, Going adopted another child in December 2012.

A friend of Taylor's at their old group home, Davion, had also been adopted and returned for his temper before Going stepped in, People magazine reports.

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"I'm pretty lucky. How often does your best friend become your brother?" Davion said of his relationship with Taylor. "We have been through a lot together."

Like Taylor, Davion may have also found happiness living with Connie.

"I grew up spending time with Connie," he says. "I always cared about her a lot. She was this stable person in my life."

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