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Boy Who Lost Father Gets Surprise From Mother (Photos)

An Irish boy who lost his father to suicide recreated his favorite photo of his dad, then his mom surprised him with something special.

Jamie Featherson lost his father to suicide when he was 4-years-old. Now 10, Jamie spoke to the "Humans Of Dublin" Facebook page on Nov. 17 and opened up about his late dad.

"I love my dad and I'm proud to be his son," Jamie told the Facebook page.

Jamie told the story of the time he and his mother went to Poland and visited the same bench where his favorite photo of his father was taken. He says that while he was there, his mother Joanne helped him recreate the photo at the bench.

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"It was great sitting where my dad sat years ago," Jamie said.

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When they returned home, Jamie got a special surprise from his mother when she Photoshopped the two images together and gave Jamie a photo of him sitting on the bench with his dad. The 10-year-old was ecstatic to see what it would look like to be with his father today.

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"My [mom] got my photo blended with my dad's photo and it looked like we were both sitting on the bench beside each other. It made me so happy because I finally knew what it would look like if my dad was with me here today," he said. " I have two heros; my dad is my hero in heaven and my hero here is called Conor McGregor. When I grow up I want to be strong like him. Every kid needs a hero, and I already have two."

Joanne Featherson, Jamie's mom, created a foundation in honor of her late husband, The Andy Morgan Foundation, Independent Journal Review reports.

"Nobody ever dies unless you stop speaking their name and remembering them," Joanne posted on Nov. 18 on the foundation's Facebook page. "Andy's memory lives on through his children and through the foundation."

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