Boy Was Shot in Buttocks By Man Trying to Save Him From Attacking Dog

DETROIT – Authorities report that a man’s attempt to save a child from a vicious dog attack ended up further injuring the child.

After the 7-year-old boy was attacked by the dog, a man reportedly tried to help the boy by shooting the dog.

Unfortunately, instead of hitting the dog, the man accidently shot the boy in the buttocks.

Pamela Boutchee, 58, recalls running outside after the attack and seeing the boy lying in the grass, bleeding and crying.

“He said, ‘I can’t feel my legs. I can’t feel my legs,” Boutchee said, adding that it was “just a horrible scene.”

The Detroit Free Press reports that the boy was taken to the hospital on Sunday night, where he was listed in temporary serious condition.

Police spokeswoman Jennifer Moreno said that the boy suffered head and arm injuries from the dog attack, and that he is expected to survive.

The incident happened on the city’s west side.

According a police spokesman, investigators want to talk to the man, although it remains unclear whether he will be charged with a crime.

Police have said that they do not think the boy was intentionally shot. They are still looking for the man involved in the incident, and report that witnesses “didn’t know the individual that shot.”

Officers reportedly found that the 3-year-old dog, named “Big Boy," had died of an apparent gunshot wound.

Sources: Fox News, Detroit Free Press

Photo Source: Daily Mail


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