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Boy Uses Money He Saved For Video Game System To Buy Smoke Detectors For Those Without

9-year-old Hector Montoya had been saving up his money so that he could purchase a PlayStation 4 gaming system, but after hearing about a fire that took the life of a woman and her daughter, he was inspired to use his money to help make a difference.

Montoya, who is from Grand Prairie, Texas, said he heard about the local fire that killed the mother and daughter while he was saving up to buy the video game system and knew that he needed to help buy smoke detectors for people who didn’t have them.

"It really hurts my heart to see people die in a fire," said Montoya. “Saving a life is more important.”

So, with the help of the local fire department, Montoya was able to purchase close to 100 smoke detectors with the $300 he saved up and got them all installed in people’s homes.

"Helping other people makes me feel good," Montoya said to NBC 5 News. "I'm making a difference by doing this, and helping everybody."

Once word about the 9-year-old’s good deed spread, others were inspired to give back. A stranger reportedly bought the PlayStation console for Montoya, and now, a movement called “Hector’s Detectors” has started to raise money for more smoke alarms. So far, the GoFundMe project has raised almost $6,000.


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