Boy Suspended from School: Wore Mom's Dress & Shoes


A Seattle-area teenager was suspended from school for wearing his mother's dress and high heels to class -- all on a bet from the mother herself.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the mother challenged the boy, 15-year-old Sam Saurs, to wear the garb.

"'We found out we both wear the same size shoe," Ivanna Leible told TV station KING. "He said, 'I bet I could wear heels too.' And I said, well try wearing these all day, and he said 'challenge accepted.'"

But Sam just couldn't wear the shoes -- he had to have a matching dress, so he took one of his mom's.

"I was pretty!" Sam said. "My girlfriend was speechless when she saw me."

However the dean of John Sedwick Junior High School had plenty to say. John Richerson said Sam was "distracting" other students and that he should go home for the rest of the day. But when Sam called Richerson "sexist," he suspended him for nine days -- the rest of the school year as well as the ninth-grade dance.

But after the mother spoke to the TV station, the school agreed to reduce the suspension to three days. He is still banned from the dance, though.

In a statement, a spokesman for the school district said:

"When responding to issues regarding our students and their families, we always honor confidentiality. However, I can tell you that the matter you have inquired about has been resolved, and there is no further comment."

Sam has been suspended before, for wearing a top-hat and make-up to school.

Rather than curbing Sam's wild side, he said this latest incident will spur him to ever greater heights. "If anything, it makes me want to be more out there and more spontaneous and crazy."


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