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Boy Scout Leaders Who Toppled 200-Million-Year-Old Rock Face Serious Charges

Glenn Taylor and David Hall, the Boy Scout leaders that caused outrage after being caught on camera (video below) shoving a 200-million-year-old rock off its natural perch in a Utah state park, are both now being charged for their actions.

45-year-old Taylor was charged with criminal mischief this past week for toppling the ancient rock back in October, and Hall was charged with aiding criminal mischief for taking part in the crime. Both charged are felonies in the state of Utah, and if found guilty, they could both face up to five years in prison.

"We've said what needed to be said in the past, we've apologized, we've said we're sorry, we're happy to see this thing coming to an end," said Hall following the charged on Friday. "We're just not going to be making any interview appointments, statements, anything. What's said has already been said."

Both Hall and Taylor have stood by their claims that they pushed the rock off of where it was sitting out of concern for the safety unsuspecting children. Many don’t believe those claims, however, because the men are seen in the video, which was posted to YouTube, laughing and high-fiving one another.

Scott Card, attorney for Taylor, says he believes that his client is facing charges that are too extreme for what he did.

“I understand why the state brought felony charges - it's a definite deterrent effect,” said Card, “but I believe it's an overcharge. We will be defending Mr. Taylor in court.”

The two men are scheduled to appear in front of a judge in March. 


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