Boy Claims To Have Bit Needle In Candy Bar (Photo)

Boy Claims To Have Bit Needle In Candy Bar (Photo) Promo Image

A Bellevue, Nebraska, boy reportedly bit into a needle that was hidden inside of a candy bar he received on Halloween.

Lucas Ady told WOWT that he was eating a Twix bar when he suddenly felt something strange.

"I just unwrapped it and took a bite of it. Then, I felt a poke on my cheek, pulled it out, and there was a needle in it," the boy said. Lucas' mother, Reanna, said that she was right next to her son when he bit into the needle and was thankful that he wasn't severely hurt.

"It could have gotten caught in his throat; something could have been on it and infected him," she said. The mother said she contacted all of Lucas' friends' parents and warned them about the incident. She also took to social media to let others know what happened.

"I was in disbelief, like how did this even happen? How could it happen? That's not a real thing, but it was," she said.

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Lucas said that he was in a state of disbelief over the incident.

"I was just so amazed that it happened to me, especially in this neighborhood," he said.

Local police told WOWT that they were investigating the incident, which was the only case of a needle in candy to be reported locally. There were similar incidents in Wisconsin and West Virginia, the station reported.

In a similar situation, Keshena, Wisconsin, police warned parents after they found a baggie filled with meth inside of a child's Halloween candy haul.

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"It looked like a crystal type substance, subsequently was tested, and confirmed it was methamphetamine," Tribal Emergency Management Coordinator Ben Warrington told WLUK. When the child's parents found the drugs, they immediately called the authorities. Other parents were prompted to start checking their children's candy.

"My first instinct was to check, and make sure that they're okay," one parent said.

"Checking ... every one of them, all the kids bags, you have to check now," another added.

Local officials advised that people take precautions in regards to their children's candy, and urged people to throw out any candy that seemed suspicious.

"Be resilient. Nowadays, nothing is off the table. Keep an eye on your kids, keep an eye on the candy," Warrington said.

Police said that it hadn't been confirmed whether the drugs were given out on purpose.

"We're not sure, it does look like this is an isolated incident, we haven't received any other reports," Tribal Police Detective Josh Lawe said.

Sources: WOWT, WLUK / Featured Image: Luke Jones/Flickr / Embedded Images: WOWT, Menominee Tribal Police Department via WLUK 

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