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Boy Killed When Obese Grandpa Pins Him Down

Boy Killed When Obese Grandpa Pins Him Down  Promo Image

An obese grandfather from Ohio has been accused of suffocating his grandson to death.

Donald Martin Jr., 58, was arrested on Nov. 17 and charged with reckless homicide, reports the Daily Mail.

The charge was brought against Martin after his wife called 911 to report that their 11-year-old grandson, Dylan Davis, was not breathing.

"My husband was holding him down, he got sick and then he just passed out," she said on the call, a recording of which was obtained by WLWT.

She told the 911 dispatcher her husband restrained Dylan after he "threw a fit."

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According to the Brown County Sheriff's Office, Martin weighs 360-400 pounds, though media headlines almost uniformly identify him as weighing 400 pounds. 

Dylan, who weighed a reported 90 pounds, was found unresponsive by deputies who arrived on the scene, and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

"There was some type of altercation between the 11-year-old and his grandmother and the step-grandfather stepped in and restrained the juvenile," explained Sheriff Gordon Ellis. "My understanding was he was actually holding the juvenile down over the couch, the couch arm, restraining him. And it appears that during the act of holding him down over a period of time there was a positional or compression asphyxiation." 

Prosecutors say Martin pinned Dylan down for several minutes.

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Dylan's father, Sam Davis, described Dylan as being autistic and increasingly prone to angry outbursts as he got older.

"He was getting older,"  Davis told WLWT. "Sometimes his anger was getting stronger and sometimes he had to be physically restrained."

"But otherwise he was just a normal kid," he added. "He loved outdoors. I started getting him involved in riding horses. He was a great kid."

He said Martin and Dylan had previously gotten along well, and expressed shock at how such a tragedy could have happened.

"I feel sad. I feel angry. I feel confused," he said, reports The Epoch Times. "I wish it never would have happened."

On Nov. 18, a judge set Martin's bond at $100,000. 

The US Legal website defines reckless homicide as "the killing of another person by a reckless act," meaning that "a person acts recklessly with respect to circumstances surrounding the conduct or the result of the conduct when the person is aware of, but consciously disregards, a substantial and unjustifiable risk that the circumstances exist or the result will occur."

Ellis noted: "Reckless homicide indicates that there doesn't appear to be an intent, however the end result of the action is the 11-year-old is deceased."

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