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Boy Keeps Dad Alive for Days After he Fell and Hit His Head

A boy in Nebraska kept his dad alive for more than a week after he slipped and hit his head, becoming unresponsive but able to breathe and open his eyes.

Peter Asumani, 10, was discovered by police in his home taking care of his father after the principal alerted authorities that he had not been in school for four days.

Peter told police he could not communicate with his father but gave him food and liquids.

Police spokeswoman Katie Flood said it was not clear if he knew to call 911 or if he had called anyone for help. He lived alone with his father in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Bienvenu Asumani, 45, passed away on Sunday, and the boy has been placed in foster care until his relatives are located.

The boy told police he has relatives in Arizona but his mother is in Africa.

A spokeswoman for the hospital said they have no other information on Asumani.

Nebraska Health and Human Services Department Russ Reno said the boy is in state custody and that putting him in foster care was routine procedure for these types of cases. They are working on searching for his relatives.

This heroic story comes just after another heartwarming tale about a dog who kept a three-year-old girl alive by warming her up when she went missing from her home in the freezing cold.

Reports indicate the girl was playing with the dog in her backyard. She did not return that night, and the dog stayed with her until help arrived. One firefighter said the girl likely would have died if the dog was not there to keep her warm. They are calling the dog a hero and saying he was the “most important part of the story.”



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