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Family Sues After Son Thrown From Water Slide (Video)

Family Sues After Son Thrown From Water Slide (Video) Promo Image

A California water park is being sued after a child was thrown from a three-story waterslide (video below).

The incident happened on May 27 at the Wave Water Park in Dublin, near San Francisco, reports the Daily Mail.

As the 10-year-old boy reached the bottom of the Emerald Plunge slide, he flew over the edge and skidded several feet on the concrete.  

He suffered extensive scrapes on his back, shoulder, arms and legs. The family took pictures of the boy to show the extent of his injuries, most of which are on his back and shoulder.

His parents filed a claim against the city in June, asking for more than $25,000 in damages, the East Bay Times reports.

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In the claim, the family accuses the park of not addressing safety issues that state inspectors found before the park opening. They also cite dangerously high water pressure near the bottom of the slide, and insufficient padding on the concrete next to the slide.

A Dublin spokesperson said the family "refused to provide any information about the family's injuries that would be necessary to resolve the claim." 

Assistant City Manager Linda Smith said the city turned the matter over to its insurance carrier, which handed it to its contractor of the facility, Overaa Construction, which turned it over to its subcontractor, WhiteWater West.

On Nov. 8, the family's attorney Waukeen McCoy said that because the family have not heard back from the city since filing the claim in June, it is proceeding with a lawsuit against WhiteWater West Industries and the city of Dublin.

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"The boy was injured on the publicly built and supervised Emerald Plunge water slide on opening day, due to the slide not being properly tested," McCoy said. "If we cannot trust our cities to ensure a safe children's environment in all city-run public places, can any place under city jurisdiction be trusted to be safe?"

As soon as the incident happened, the park closed the Emerald Plunge and another nearby slide.

The slides "have remained closed while the manufacturer performs additional safety testing," according to a statement from the city. "They will remain closed until state safety officials give their approval for the City to re-open and operate them again."

The slide's manufacturer has conducted some testing since the incident, but it was not deemed satisfactory by Cal/OSHA, said Erika Monterozza, spokeswoman for the state safety agency.

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