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Boy Identifies Mother As Father's Killer

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An 8-year-old boy disclosed to investigators that his mother stabbed his father -- and then helped them find the knife -- after she tried to deny the alleged killing of her husband.

Police from Del City in Oklahoma, found 40-year-old Neil Vaughn in his driveway. He was suffering from a stab wound, which he later died from.

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Vaughn’s wife, Amber McMurtrey, 34, would not tell the police officers about what had happened -- except revealing that her husband had been stabbed outside their house, and not inside it.

At the time of interrogation, the police officers said that she smelled of alcohol, and that the distinct order marijuana was present inside the home.

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Officers asked Amber if they could search her house after they saw blood on the living room floor, according to NewsOK, the Daily Mail reported.

Amber McMurtrey refused the officers to access her home, so the police had no choice but to arrest her while a social worker came in to take custody of the boy, according to the affidavit.

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Once the police officers were able to enter the home after obtaining a search warrant, they reportedly noticed a trail of blood leading from a bedroom down through the hallway and the out along the driveway, News OK reported.

Along with this major clue, the police also found different kinds of drug paraphernalia, including a burning marijuana cigarette, which was then collected from the house.

The witnesses helped the cops with details of the alleged killing and further said that they had witnessed Vaughn running in the front yard and also out into the driveway before collapsing.

Another witness went off so far as to say that she even saw McMurtrey stab her husband and then run away from him. Nobody had any claims of a vehicle driving away from the property, according to News OK.

However, the whole investigation changed when the 8-year-old son of Vaughn and Amber gave her away.

Initially, the young boy had said that "a masked person came in and stabbed" his father before leaving. He was then reportedly told by his grandmother, in no uncertain terms, to "not tell any stories," and the story he originally spun was replaced by one much more sinister. 

The terrified boy finally reportedly said that his mother, Amber McMurtrey, had stabbed his father, Neil Vaughn, and then hidden the "reindeer knife" above the toilet so that the police wouldn't be able to locate the weapon.

The investigators returned to the house to find the knife exactly where the boy had confessed that it would be.

McMurtrey is reportedly being held without bail on the charge of murder in the Oklahoma County Jail. She is also being tried for the crimes of child neglect and possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

A 9-year-old Missouri boy told police that his mother was stabbed to death by his father while they were in a heated argument, Inside Edition reports. Afterward, the father is said to have asked why he did this.  He was reportedly heavily intoxicated. 

Source: Daily Mail, News OK, Inside Edition / Featured Image: Pexels / Embedded Images: Pexels (23)

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