Boy Saves Life Of Mother Who Has Seizure In Shower


A 5-year-old Arizona boy saved his mother's life after she had a seizure and blacked out while showering. 

In March, Salvatore Cicalese of San Tan Valley found his mother collapsed in the bathtub and bleeding from the head. He grabbed his 2-month-old sister and ran to a neighbor for help. 

His mother, Katelyn Cicalese, has since recovered from the seizure, and was present when her son was honored for his bravery by the Rural Metro Fire Department on April 14, about a month after he found her in the bath, Daily Mail reports. 

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The incident, after which the boy has been nicknamed "Super Sal," took place around 8 p.m. that day, soon after his mother officially had put him and his infant sister to bed. 

Her subsequent collapse in the shower when she blacked out caused her to strike her head against the tub. 

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Salvatore was beginning to fall asleep when he heard the loud thud and went to check on his mother. He found her unconscious and bleeding from her head injury, the shower still running, the San Tan Valley News reports.

Knowing something was seriously wrong, and believing his mother was dying, the boy wrapped his baby sister in a blanket, set her on the couch, went to the door of the garage, and managed to open the door latch by climbing atop a bar stool he had dragged from the kitchen. 

He then carried his sister to the home of his next door neighbor Jessica Penoyer.

According to ABC15, Penyoer opened the door and was surprised to find the boy standing there. She at first thought he was informing her his dog had died. 

"He said, 'No, my mom died in the shower. Can you take care of us?" Penoyer recounted. 

The woman immediately called 911, then searched the Cicalese's house where she discovered the boy's mother still unconscious. 

"Honestly, he saved my life," his mother said. "I was under the faucet. If he wouldn't have gotten help, I would have drowned."

Despite fully recovering from the seizure, Salvatore keeps asking her if she's alright, or if she is going to die. 

On April 14, a Rural Metro Fire truck appeared outside their home. Department representative Shawn Gilleland presented the ecstatic Salvatore with a patch, a shirt, a helmet and an honorary firefighter certificate for his bravery. 

Sources: San Tan Valley News, ABC15Daily Mail / Photo credit: ABC15 via Daily Mail, MikeBird/Pixabay

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