Boy Hears Strange Sounds, Winds Up Saving Mom's Life


A Texas mother was lucky enough to be was saved by her 10-year-old son after she hit her head in the garage. Now, her son is being honored by the fire department for helping save her life.

Coleen Villarreal fell inside the family’s garage and hit her head, causing a seizure. No one else was at home except for the children in the next room. Fortunately, Coleen’s son, Jaxson, knew exactly want to do.

The fourth-grader called 911, carrying out the dispatcher’s instructions and responding in a calm and collected manner as screaming siblings were close by, according to KTVT.

“My mom just fell off the stairs and she’s not talking,” Jaxson told the 911 operator. “She kept banging her head ... my sister had to pull her out of the car. Her eyes are open, but she’s not talking.”

The 911 dispatcher asked if his mother was breathing and Jaxson confirmed she was.

Then the 911 operator asked if he could unlock the doors for the firefighters to come in and Jaxson followed the instructions.

Firefighters eventually arrived to save Coleen.

“Throughout the entire call he gave us the answers to any question we had; anything we needed to know he was able to tell us,” said Logan Caddell with the Frisco Fire Department.

The Frisco Fire Department was so impressed they gave Jaxson a certificate on April 11 in acknowledgment of saving his mother's life, according to Frisco Enterprise.

He spoke with journalists about the rescue before heading out to ride bikes with his friends.

“I was just nervous at first,” he said. “But when I saw my sister and little brother nervous, I just knew I needed to be calm.”

Coleen isn’t surprised her son stepped up to the plate. “He’s 10 going on 30,” she said. “He saved my life. He saved the day.”

Sources: KTVT, Frisco Enterprise / Photo credit: William Taylor/Frisco Enterprise

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