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Boy Gets $500 From Parents After Abstaining From Soda For A Whole Year

A Montana boy honored a contract he made with his parents that ensured him $500 if he abstained from drinking soda and other sugary drinks for an entire year.

Last year around Christmas, Jon Sarisky’s parents approached him and his older brother, Andrew, with a strange proposition. The kids’ parents told the boys that they could each have the option to take $100 on the spot or give up soda and other sugary drinks for one whole year with a promise that if they stuck to the challenge, they would receive $500.

Andrew ultimately chose to take the $100, but Jon, now 11 years old, committed to giving up soda for a year with the goal of being $500 richer by the end of it. On Jan. 3, 2014, Jon took his very last sip of soda, and now, a year later, he has $500 in his pocket.

The contract, signed last year, was drafted up by Jon’s parents, Renee and Rick Shifley, and in it, they made clear the consequences of having any drink other than water or plain milk.

“For the purposes of this contract, the term ‘drink’ means to take a liquid into the mouth by means of a cup, bottle, straw or any other such device normally used for drinking,” the contract reads, in part. “Consuming cereal, soup, and other such liquid foods is considered ‘eating,’ not drinking.”

“Attempts to circumvent the spirit of this agreement are fraudulent and strictly prohibited,” the contract boldly continues.

“This is a zero-tolerance agreement,” the contract reads at the end. “Therefore, under no circumstances will Child receive a ‘second chance.’ Child takes full responsibility for honoring and upholding this contract.”

Jon says that it wasn’t difficult to abstain from sugary drinks for the entire year. The only thing that was challenging, he said, was when friends would offer him soda while at their houses.

“People would just forget and offer it to me,” Jon explained.

Now that he’s $500 richer, Jon told the Livingston Enterprise that he will probably use the money to buy $500 worth of cans of soda.

Sources:Daily Mail, Livingston Enterprise, NY Daily News / Photo Sources: Livingston Enterprise, Wikimedia Commons


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