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Boy Found Beaten To Death Cried When He Received Conduct Grade, Teacher Testifies

An Alabama court heard how a 5-year-old boy later found beaten to death in December 2006 feared being disciplined by his father.

The testimony came on Nov. 23 as part of the retrial of Kevin Towles, the father of Geontae Glass, on a charge of capital murder at an Etowah County court, reported.

Kelly Page, Geontae’s former teacher, explained how the boy cried when she gave him a conduct grade indicating satisfactory behavior.

“My daddy’s gonna spank me when I get home,” Page claims Geontae told her, reported.

Page denied there had been any reason for her to feel any concern for the boy’s safety at the time.

“He was a typical little boy,” Page added. “He was very happy. He was usually singing all day.”

Towles was convicted of capital murder in 2009 and sentenced to death, but the ruling was overturned after the Alabama Supreme Court decided improper testimony had been heard.

Geontae’s body was found in the back of his mother’s car after she and Towles allegedly staged a kidnapping at a local store.

Shalinda Glass is currently in prison for her part in her son’s death, having been convicted of murder.

Shalinda took her daughter into the store, leaving Geontae in the back seat of the car. Moments later, Towles allegedly jumped into the car and drove off.

When Geontae’s body was later found in the trunk, he had visible injuries, including trauma to his side and head and broken skin on the lips.

In opening arguments at the retrial, Etowah County Deputy District Attorney Marcus Reid alleged Towles repeatedly beat Geontae over the weekend of Dec. 2 and 3, 2006, reports The Gadsden Times.

Geontae’s sister told the court that after one of the beatings, Towles had to carry Geontae back into the house because he could not walk. Reid said Towles refused to seek medical treatment for the boy.

Towles’ defense attorney sought to blame Shalinda Glass for her son’s death, saying she had been present over the entire weekend but had done nothing to help the boy.

Linda Glass Starr, Shalinda’s mother, disagreed, claiming that Towles had also beaten her daughter.

“She was a good mother. She loved and took care of her children,” added Starr, according to The Gadsden Times.

Testimony in the retrial is ongoing.

Sources:, The Gadsden Times / Photo credit: Etowah County Jail via

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