11-Year-Old Forced To Walk 40 Minutes To School Due To Bus Pass Technicality


A boy was recently informed that he couldn’t have a free bus pass because he lives six feet too close to the school.

Jon Lawson, 11, is forced to walk 40 minutes to Seaham School of Technology in England because he lives 0.001 of a mile inside of the two-mile rule. If a student lives within two miles of the building, they are not allowed to get a free bus pass, so Jon is forced to walk to school along a path that his father says is unsafe.

“It’s a dark, dingy path which has been used for illicit activity,” said 43-year-old John Lawson, Jon’s father. “I’m not sending my 11-year-old son walking along that with the paraphernalia still around.”

To add fuel to the fire, John says his older son Liam is allowed to ride the bus to school for free because he started at the school when the rules about bus passes were different.

“It is a bit of a farce really,” said John Lawson. “I think it is absolutely ridiculous.”

John Lawson also claims that another boy who lives across the street gets to ride the bus for free because he technically is right outside of the two-mile radius.

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“The boy who lives on the other side of the street gets a bus pass for free – it’s madness,” said John.

The school has since responded to the incident after John expressed outrage, and as of now, they are sticking by their decision.

“In the interests of fairness to all pupils, we must ensure that our policy is applied consistently,” said Jane Jack, school admissions and transport manager at Durham County Council. “We do acknowledge that it may seem unusual for different decisions to have been made in relation to two brothers going to the same school. This has occurred because we have updated the system we use to measure walking distances, upon which we base our decision.

"Although the older brother qualified when he was properly assessed using the previous system, the younger brother does not qualify when properly assessed using the current system, which takes into account, for example, changes to available walking routes. While we understand this may cause frustration for the family concerned, it is important that we apply the current policy equally to all applicants.”

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Photo Source: SWNS


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