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The Six 'Rats' A Boy Rescued Look Very Different Today (Photos)

A boy from the Philippines discovered six puppies who were in such poor health they resembled rats, but after nursing them back to health, their true identities have been revealed.

In 2014 at the age of nine, Ken founded a no-kill animal shelter called Happy Animals Club, its website explains.

“I love animals," Ken wrote. "I have one rescue dog and two rescue cats. Ever since I can remember I wanted to open an animal shelter to help the stray dogs and cats on the streets."

After pictures of Ken feeding animals on the street went viral in 2014, he received enough donations to open the shelter. One supporter was an American soldier serving in Afghanistan.

A teacher and her math students in the U.S. also raised money to support the shelter. People around the world donated to the cause, making Ken’s dream a reality.

Ken nurses the stray animals back to health, and he has rescued dozens since the shelter opened on May 1, 2014, Hero Viral notes.

When Ken found six puppies in December 2014 who looked like rats because of their poor health, he took them in.

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They were given medication and food, and because of their hairless state, no one wanted to get close to them except Ken.

All of the puppies, who Ken named after scientists, are now healthy and grown.

This dog’s name is Bohr, after Niels Bohr:

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And this dog, who always has his tongue out, Ken named Einstein:

Newton is described as being sweet, and Pascal, the smallest of the six rescued dogs, needs the most love.

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Tesla is clever and has to be kept busy so he doesn’t get into trouble, while Planck is generally a happy pup.

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Ken’s shelter cares for dogs and cats, and there are around 40 animals in its care. Staff of volunteers assist Ken in bringing them back to perfect health.

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The story of Ken and his shelter has gone viral on social media, and people are blown away by his achievements.

“Love this story!" someone commented on Shared’s Facebook page when it posted the story. "This just shows what one person can do! It started with one person and grew. So don’t ever think you can’t make a difference."

“What a great kid! He will grow up to do wondrous things, I’m sure!" another Facebook user wrote in response. "May God bless him!”

“Thank you young man, you are doing a great job,” someone commented.

All of the animals available for adoption are featured on Happy Animals Club’s website, and they are ready to find a caring home.

Sources: Hero Viral, Shared/Facebook, Happy Animals Club / Photo credit: Happy Animals Club, Hero Viral

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