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Boy Finds $10K In Hotel Drawer, But Isn't Allowed To Keep The Unclaimed Cash

One lucky young boy discovered $10,000 in the drawer of a Kansas City hotel room last year, but now, he won’t be allowed to keep the money, even though nobody ever claimed it.

According to reports, 10-year-old Tyler Schaeffer discovered to huge sum of money neatly stacked at a hotel near the Kansas City airport. Immediately, Cody Schaeffer, Tyler’s father, told his son that they had to give the money to police because they didn’t know who it belonged to.

Now, a year later, the Cody Schaeffer says he and his son won’t be allowed to keep the money, even though it has gone unclaimed, due to an old law in Missouri. The state law requires the finders to file an affidavit with a judge within 10 days of finding the money as well as having to post a descriptive list of the money on the courthouse door and the doors of four other public places. Schaeffer didn’t do those things because he was unaware of the law, which was written in 1939, so he is not allowed to keep the cash.

Even though they can’t keep the money, Cody says he is proud of his son for being so willing to do the right thing.

"We did the right thing and turned it in," said Schaeffer. "At least it's something to show that doing the right thing is actually worth doing the right thing for, you know?"

Schaeffer reportedly believes the outdated law should be changed.


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