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Boy's Arms Broken At School, Mom Demands Answers

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The mother of a first-grader in Brooklyn, New York, got an unwelcome surprise days before Christmas when she picked her son up after school and discovered the child had two broken arms.

Krystal Alejandro has demanded an explanation from the school as to what happened to her 6-year-old son, but the answers are not coming, according to KPIX.

The family's attorney, Marcel Florestal, said no one wants to take responsibility for the boy's well-being during the time he was injured.

"The principal is pointing fingers at the after-school program, saying 'Well it's not us ... it's the after-school program['s] problem,'" Florestal said. "The after-school program is saying the same thing. Nobody wants to be [held] accountable."

Although the accident took place at the end of the regular school day, the after-school program contends the school holds overarching jurisdiction, and therefore, responsibility for what happened. 

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Officials at Public School 106 in Bushwick, where the boy also attends the after-school program, cannot say what happened to the boy during the afternoon playground accident, and Alejandro is desperate as her son recovers from his two broken arms.

"It's a horrible situation -- me as a parent thinking that I can't go to work because I don't know if my son is safe," Alejandro said. "It's just a horrible feeling to see the pain that he went through. No parent would want to go through it."

Recalling her horror when she first saw her son's injuries, she said, "I picked him up [and] you could clearly see something was wrong with his hands."

Other than confirmation that the boy was playing in the outdoor playground at the facility, details about what happened are fuzzy, according to KPIX.

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The New York City Department of Education is looking into the incident, said spokesperson Miranda Barbot.

"We are treating this with the utmost seriousness," she said. "The safety of students and staff is our top priority."

Each year around 200,000 children are treated in emergency departments for playground injuries, and around 45 percent of those injuries are severe broken bones, concussions or internal injuries, reports the CDC.

One parent at the school who was aware of the incident expressed concern.

"They should have some sort of answer for what happened to that kid, because that's not right," he said. "If it was my child, I'd be very upset."

Florestal intends to file a notice of claim against the City of Brooklyn regarding the incident.

"These kids were left alone in the playground," contends Florestal. "That's what happened. These kids had no sort of guidance or supervision."

Sources: KPIX, CDC/ Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: James Lee/Flickr, Nels Olsen/Flickr

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