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Boy Catches Santa Claus On Camera Christmas Eve (Video)

For those who do not believe Santa Claus exists, the video footage caught by a 7-year-old boy on Christmas Eve may change your mind.

Seven-year-old Evan set up a camera in his living room on Christmas Eve to try and catch Santa Claus in the act of delivering presents, reports The Daily Mail.

Evan put cookies and milk out for Santa, and went to bed.

In the morning, after his family opened presents, they sat down to watch the video to see if Santa did indeed visit the family’s home.

Evan was filmed separately as he watched the footage, and his happy excitement cannot be contained over what he saw.

After watching the video for several minutes and not seeing any action a member of Evan’s family comments that maybe the video “did not catch anything.”

“I guess he’s gotta be sure that nobody’s around,” a family member said as Evan begins to look disappointed due to the lack of Santa in his video.

Things quickly change for Evan’s disposition when he hears the sounds of what appear to be the jingle of bells and stomp of reindeer hooves.

Evan excitedly claps his hands and smiles from ear-to-ear.

What comes next makes him stare in absolute wonder at the video footage.

A light turns on in the hallway and in a puff of white smoke Santa appears.

Santa proceeds to drink the milk and eat some cookies and take a look around the room.

“How does he not see it, the light is on,” Evan says, referring to the camera in the room.

Santa looks around the room and with a snap of his fingers a magical display occurs and suddenly presents are under the tree.

Evan’s reaction is one of jaw-dropping awe.

Santa then sees the camera, gives a response to the “no-no” of recording him, snaps his fingers, and the video goes black.

Evan claps his hands in excitement and high-fives a member of his family over his success at catching Santa on camera.

“I swear I can hear stuff when I sleep, but I did not hear that,” Evan says in reference to Santa’s visit and the jingling of bells.

“That is loud,” Evan added.

Reporter Christyn Owens of WAFF may have said it best with her remark on this remarkable story: “It’s safe to say that the spirit of Christmas was captured on the tape and will forever live in Evan’s heart."

The video was posted to YouTube by Evan’s uncle, Dean Fisher, and has been viewed more than 3,400,000 times.

Many of the video commenters found Evan to be a very lucky kid.

Sources: The Daily Mail, WAFF, YouTube / Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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