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Boy In Batman Costume Saves 1-Year-Old Trapped In Car (Video)


When a child was trapped inside of a car on a hot summer day in England, an unlikely person dressed up as Batman came to the rescue.

Zavi Ahmed, 5, was on the scene when 1-year-old Iris Adamski was locked inside of her grandmother’s Volkswagon Beetle, reported. Her grandmother and grandfather had accidentally locked the keys in the car while they were loading the car with groceries.

Though police officers smashed a rear window, they were still unable to open the door or grab the keys.

Zavi then came to the rescue dressed in a Batman costume.

His mother Emma, 32, allowed him to dress up as his favorite comic book hero that morning after he reportedly begged her to wear the costume. Little did she know her son would be playing the part of hero later that day.

"That morning he decided he wanted to be dressed as Batman, I don't know why,” the mother told "My friend said he could go to Tesco and be a superhero and that's just what happened. We couldn't believe it.”

She added, "Of all the days for him to dress up and that happens.”

Zavi crawled through the window and was able to grab the keys from inside of the car.

“It really was a case of Batman to the rescue,” said the 1-year-old’s grandfather John Penny, 68.

Source: The Mirror, IJR

Photo Credit: Mirror


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