Boy Heroically Saves Unconscious Child Buried Alive (Photos)

Connot Fitz-Gerald was happily digging up small sand tunnel caves at a California beach when he stumbled upon something alarming: an unconscious little girl buried alive, unable to breathe.

A tunnel had collapsed while Five-year-old Alyssa Bostic was inside leaving her trapped without anybody noticing. She quickly lost consciousness, KSBW reports.

Instead of panicking and running away - an understandable reaction for any child - 11-year-old Connor Fitz-Gerald quickly leapt to action, digging the girl out.

After pulling her body from the dune, he immediately performed CPR, waking the child up and saving her life.

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“I am glad he was able to sit back and go, wait a minute something’s going on, there’s not a parent here, I know they’re at least a quarter mile away, I need to do something,”  father, Tim Fitz-Gerald, said.

Remarkably, Connor had no formal training in CPR. Instead, he explains, he had learned the basics from the TV show, "NCIS."

Bostic was brought to the hospital and has since recovered.

Paramedics say Bostic would not be alive today if Connor had not performed CPR when he had. Residents called Connor a local hero, and he was awarded the National Youth Hero Award from the American Legion Auxiliary.

The incident attracted a variety of responses from the public, with most praising the boy for his act.

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"Great job young man," wrote one woman on LittleThings.com's Facebook page. "You're a hero and keep those great eyes sharp because you spotted her when no one else did."

Some went so far to add that all children should be mandated to learn CPR.

"Fantastic rescue!" another user wrote. "Just an Angel for the day! CPR should start ASAP in school, many places & at home too! (There must have been an Angel close by, to guide this wonderful young MAN, to do just what he did! He is an inspiration! The show NCIS, Must be proud of him too!"

Sources: KSBW, Little ThingsLittle Things/Facebook/Photo Credit: KSBW, WestCoastCondoRentals.com and DuneGuide.com

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