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Boy, 8, Drives Car, Sister, 6, Dies in Accident (Video)

Aaliyah Felder, 6, was recently killed in a car crash. The automobile was driven by her eight-year-old brother.

The mom bathed the children and put them to bed at 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday night, and then went to bed at 10 p.m.

Before she noticed the kids were missing and called 9-1-1, Phoenix police received several calls from people who reported seeing the car (video below).

One caller said the car hit fence and then drove off, while another caller said the car was being driven by a child.

Two police officers spotted the car, but it crashed into a pole after police turned on their emergency lights.

The boy suffered an ankle injury, but Aaliyah died on Thursday from her injuries.

According to police, her seat belt was not fastened and her airbag failed to work.

"First believing that her children were kidnapped, then to discover that it was her eight-year-old son who took this vehicle and now her six-year-old daughter was involved in this fatal collision, extremely traumatic for her," Sergeant Steve Martos told

The fatal car crash happened only a block from the apartment where the family lived.

According to police, the children drove three miles from their home and then backtracked.



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