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Boy, 7, Tells on Mom for Allegedly Making Meth in Her Car (Video)

A seven-year-old boy turned his mother into their landlord for allegedly keeping a meth lab in the trunk of her car in Edgewater, Fla.

Briana Buchanan was arrested last Friday after her boy showed the landlord "mommy's bad stuff in her car," noted the police report (video below).

"[The boy] opened up the car and he pointed to a bag, and right away it's everything you've seen online related to meth labs," the landlord told WESH 2. "So I pulled him away and I called 911."

"He said when they would get all this stuff together, they would put it all in a soda bottle, and they would shake the soda bottle and take the top off to, I guess, vent it out," the landlord told 911, noted

A police meth response team took the lab out of the car to avoid any explosions.

Police claim they found syringes with meth inside Buchanan's home.

Buchanan was charged with child neglect, possession and manufacturing meth, possession of a listed chemical, and possession/use of narcotic paraphernalia.

According to, the unidentified landlord referred to himself as the little boy’s uncle.

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