3-Year-Old Boy Shoots His Twin Brother

A three-year-old boy accidentally shot his twin brother with a gun in a Hopewell, Va., apartment on Monday morning.

The child, who was shot, was taken to two hospitals after a .25 caliber bullet entered his behind and went up into his abdomen.

The boy who fired the gun was taken from the apartment by the mom's boyfriend before police arrived at the scene. Police later impounded the boyfriend's car and recovered two handguns, but many of the facts are still unknown.

“In the hood you hear one story but the real story isn’t out yet,” resident Joe Marsh told WTVR.

Hopewell Police Chief John Keohane confirmed one undeniable fact, “There was a child that got his hands on a firearm and used it."

The boy who fired the gun was reportedly injured on his hand.

“We are not sure if the action of the .25 caught him on the hand as it recycled the round,” added Chief Keohane.

A .25 caliber shell casing was found inside the apartment, which makes police believe that's where the shooting occurred, but the mom and boyfriend haven't been cooperative.

“We recovered other evidence there and you can expect charges,” stated Chief John Keohane.

Felony child neglect and obstruction of justice are two possible charges that may be coming against the mom and her boyfriend.

"A lot more work to do on the mother and also the boyfriend and just to see whose weapon it was that was left unattended," Chief Keohane told WRIC.

Apparently, the boys' mother didn’t wait for paramedics and rushed her wounded child to a nearby hospital. Her boyfriend reportedly took the other boy to another girlfriend’s house, which may be obstruction of justice.

Sources: WRIC and WTVR


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