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Boy, 15, Gets His 13-Year-Old Sister Pregnant; Court Determines Baby's Fate

A judge has ruled that the child of a 15-year-old boy and his 13-year-old sister will be adopted.

The child was born two years ago in Northern Ireland to the now 16-year-old mother. Her brother originally denied he was the father, but a DNA test proved his paternity.

The mother and child were separated soon after the child’s birth and placed in separate foster homes.

Justice O’Hara made the decision for the child to be adopted, as the mother was found incapable of giving consent for adoption, reports The Daily Mail. The brother was scarcely involved in the proceedings.

“She is not in a position to fully understand the possible consequences of the various decisions which have to be made for herself and for the boy,” a psychiatrist’s report read.

Justice O’Hara wrote in his judgement that “she is undoubtedly capable of making some decisions as is shown by some elements of the psychological assessment but not a decision which is of a magnitude and which has the consequences of the present one.”

Before the child was born, the mother had a history with social services due to concerns about her own mother, stepfather, and siblings.

The judge views what happened to her as not being her fault but a consequence of how she was raised, reports the Independent.

“It is hard to identify any positive life experience which she has enjoyed,” Justice O’Hara said.

The name of the mother, father, and child have been kept private for legal reasons.

Photo Source: The Daily Mail


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